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Many webmasters are asking whether it is PageRank important? For some webmasters PageRank is very important for others it is not. This is one of the first criteria, which was introduced by Google. PageRank is a rate for website given by Google based on the number of inbound and outbound links.

Better is your PageRank score, better is your website reputation. Each website has its own PageRank but need be indexed in Google. Usually home page have better score as sub pages. But this is not rule because there is a quite of exceptions.

PageRank can be improved by the fact that exchange links with quality sites that have a high PageRank. For start you need to submit your website in major search engine as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, DMOZ etc… Then as friends to exchange reciprocal links with you.

Tag <title> is one of the most important criteria, it tells the visitor what he/she can expect on your website. The tag <title> is also displayed in most search engines using crawld system as title of the results.

Title should be about 65 characters long and contain clear content of website. Each sub pagse should have its own title. This is also easier to separate results for one web site in search engine.

One of the most important criteria for successful website optimization is the domain name used by your website. If the domain name exactly matches the keyword you’re targeting,  you are in a very good way. In this context also plays a big role domain extension (TLD) that tells which country is assigment to. Country of domain can be selected using the Google Webmaster Tools only if it is the domain type as .com, .net, .org, .eu etc…

If the domain name does not contain the keyword which you’re targeting then make sub domain, folder or file name with keyword name.

URLs should be short and clear for visitors as well for search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important factors in the last few years that your website is visited from visitors by search engines. Search engines such as Google, etc. … have criteria by which websites ranked in the search result. If you are in the first position your website is very well visited compared to those websites that follow the first position.

So Google has more than 200 different criteria through which determ any web site  position. Google criteria also varies with time, as well as the weight of each criterion, is sometimes a more important criteria than the other, it can happen that this also change over time.

Therefore, it is necessary to follow the trend on the World Wide Web.