Buying Youtube Views for a Channel

I just started a new channel up on YouTube and it would make me very happy if it were to take off, and become really popular. I do not expect to become extremely popular, along the lines of the most famous people on YouTube, but a modest or fair amount of popularity would go a long way towards making me feel more worthwhile as a person. To get this project started I am going to buy YouTube views for the channel because it is hard to get going with a channel when you have like no views at all.

I am going to get some of my friends to help me out as well, but that will likely not be enough to kickstart the number of views. I feel like you need a good jolt of views in the beginning to really get the ball rolling, or that is what I have seen in the past, with other channels that have started out from scratch. I know it is a tough road ahead of me, but if I continue to make good content for my website, then it will only be a matter of time before my channel starts to take off and gain in popularity.

I feel like I have a good theme for the website and a good focus, that a lot of people have not really explored before. That is one of the problems with channels in general, in that too many people try to get in on a niche, and there is only a certain amount of room for it. I think that gaming is one of the most obviously overcrowded niches on YouTube, but there are several others I can think of as well. I am going to try to do my own thing though.

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