Trying to Improve Our Web Marketing

I have been thinking about whether or not there is some way that we could do some in house Internet marketing. We have a web page like every other company in the world and in theory it seems like it should be doing much better for us than it actually is. Of course there is a lot to this stuff and perhaps we need to switch to an SEO company in Bangalore India. In fact that is where we are doing quite well for some unknown reason. It is basically just a small number of tech companies over there which are placing large orders. We are not quite sure how it came to pass, but of course we want to do business any place that we can. It just seems as though we should be doing a lot better in this country. Of course you have to pay for shipping and that would be a big deal if our products were not small enough to slip into a FedEx envelope. Of course we have paid a few people to help us market the web page. We used to try to do something called back linking, but that is apparently something which is not as effective as it used to. In fact Google and the other search engine companies do not really like the concept of SEO. They think that it is cheating to change their rankings by manipulations. Obviously they are in a business based on providing the user the best results that they can when they plug in a search query. They do not want some smart guy coming along and fixing the game on them, in fact the real game for Google is selling ads. They will take you to the top of the page, but you have to pay more than your competitors will.

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